Why Great Candidates Are Flipping You The Bird!

Top Talent Are Not Afraid To Walk Away

Today_s Top Talent Are Not Afraid To Walk Away.

Great Candidates Are Sought After

Job Seekers of today are very well informed of market trends. As a result, you may have noticed the change in job seekers attitudes. They are super confident in their abilities/skills and they know their worth to a business. They may even give you the impression of you needing them more than they need you! Sound familiar?

The truth is, employers are not blameless. Today’s candidates are the product of how we have carried out recruitment processes. They have experienced disrespect, radio silence and forced to take low-ball job offers. There is only so much abuse a person can take before they make a stand.

Can you say you treat every applicant like a potential client/customer? You wow them, you make them feel wanted, and you’re honest with them so they too can make a decision to buy-in! In my 20 years of being in the middle of employers and job seekers. I’m going to jump in and say that you may think you are but you are NOT. The brilliants news is, it could be the smallest thing that places you in the bad employer category. This means a small change can make all the difference.

Say-Nothing, Boring Job Ads

Say-Nothing Job Ads

I’ll admit, I’m like a broken record on the subject of writing great Ads but I continue to read say- nothing, boring Job Ads. Sharp, talented and intuitive candidates will not apply to depressing Job Ads filled with bullshit. They can see straight through it.

If you don’t do better you will continue to fail in your recruitment efforts! Fill it with an honest human voice. Remove unnecessary essential criteria that are not essential at all but mere vanity. Your Job Ad doesn’t have to be long to be brilliant!

Zombie-Like Autoresponders – JUST YUCK!

I have HUGE expectations on automated responses. It’s my thing, I expect them in my inbox and I use them a great deal in my businesses but I want to feel the love. I want to pretend for one moment that someone wrote to me because I was important enough to keep in the loop.

Say-Nothing Job Ads (1)

You must believe me when I say; candidates have zero expectations on autoresponders. Thank you for your application – DELETE, We have received your application – SNORE & DELETE. Hurray! Get Dancing, we have received the Package – Which one would you open?

Your autoresponder should feel like the beginning of a conversation. Why not surprise your job seekers with your wit. Set honest timelines and deliver. They will talk about it with their friends! Imagine having a pool of Top Talent in your pipeline lining up to work for you. It has to beat the saga of advertising over and over again.

Great Ways to Send Talent Running Into Your Competitors’ Arms!

The good news is great candidates will forgive boring Job Ads. They will even tolerate radio silence and standard autoresponders. What will send them into the arms of your competitors are the common scenarios below.


It’s very hard to win back a candidate once you make these fatal errors:

  • It’s unacceptable to meet a candidate for interview then never get back to them. This is rude and plain disrespectful.
  • It’s unacceptable to change the job spec during the hiring process.
  • It’s unacceptable to seek references before making contact with a candidate
  • Employers drive great candidates away by making them low-ball job offers. They find it insulting. Remember, candidates have researched the market and know their worth.

Every incident of ‘candidate abuse’ will drive talented people away from your organisation. If you don’t have sharp, capable people on your team who give a dang about the work, nothing good can happen. Intelligent, forward-thinking employers figured this out a long time ago.

The vibes you give out and the signals you send during a recruitment process provide candidates with a sense of your company culture. It’s can be the deal breaker when they have two offers on the table.

Recruiting is no easy task but you need to start thinking about the importance of being true to your brand. The SHORTLISTER takes care of the candidate management for you, protecting your brand. In fact we will enhance it. Our Ad Writing Ninjas create juicy job ads filled with soul and spice. We start conversations with our engaging autoresponders. The result, your candidates are feeling the love!!

Join The SHORTLISTER Clan so you can build great teams!

Kerri Duff-Borthen, Founder The SHORTLISTER

Super smart, click recruitment chick who’s all about innovation and efficiency to save busy people a heap of time! I love creating time saving processes without sacrificing integrity. I believe in offering opportunity to talented people by giving everyone a fair go – no excuses.

My businesses are my way of showing off my values! There’s nothing boring and ‘recruitment consultant’ about Kerri and her wicked sense of humour. She is The SHORTLISTER by day and mum to her Tribe of H’s the rest of the time.


Future Proof Your New Employee!

Get Your Crystal Balls Out People, You’re Gonna Need Em!

You’ve built a great team culture, you’re all over the latest technology and you think you’re a pretty good boss! So why do staff keep leaving you??

Don’t Just Put Any Bum On That Vacant Seat!

There are many reasons for a vacancy to hit my desk but the most common; replacing a team member who is moving on. It’s the reason why that team member moved on we should be most interested in. It provides you with feedback on how to get it right.

It’s Not Me, It’s Them!

Over the last 18 months, I have seen an increase in candidates seeking new opportunities because their role is not the position they applied for. The most common change to trigger resignation is the expectation to perform tasks outside skill and/or comfort level.
In most cases, it’s to accommodate changes in the fast-moving workplace. The only problem is, most companies fail to outline (or even mention) how the role will look in the future. The truth is, they simply don’t know as their focus is on right now. It’s so easy to get caught up being reactive to staffing issues but we need to change the way we recruit talent into our businesses.

STOP Taking the Easy Way Out!

When confronted with hiring challenges, a majority of companies focus on filling their immediate needs. Yet in my experience, it’s this reactive ‘get a bum on seat quick’ approach that has even the best employers churning through staff.
The key to a successful hire in the modern workplace is to select candidates who can evolve. This will see them meeting the challenges beyond the position you have today. They need to thrive in your company tomorrow and in the future!

Try and Keep Up!

We are about to experience an influx of ‘no-longer-relevant’ job titles in our workforce.
Think about the technological advancements you have experienced in the workplace over the last 2 years. As a result, technical skills now have a much shorter half-life. We call this skill obsolescence.
If you recruit on technical skills alone, you are hiring someone with skills that may no longer be viable 18 months later. Especially with the accelerated rate at which changes are occurring today.

A Candidates Potential is Key!

If technical skills are no longer considered the only essential criteria, what do we base our selection decision on? Why potential of course! You need to ensure prospective candidates can perform in the role you have available today. But your hiring decision should take the candidates’ ability to evolve into consideration.

How Do You Recruit on Potential?

When recruiting potential, you need to meet 2 requirements.
  1. Identify all the skills required to perform in the role – this forms your specific criteria.
  1. Shortlist resumes based on this criteria. This will result in a pool of candidates who are able to meet immediate company needs. I have written about the most efficient way to Shortlist in the past. Most recently here.

It’s Not a Dating Profile, Don’t Pretend to be their Perfect Match!

Your interview questions need to determine a candidate’s motivation – what do they want?
  • Does the culture of your business fit in with what the candidate is searching for?
  • Do the challenges of the position match their expectations?
  • Will the position evolve in the same direction the candidate wants to go in?
These are the fundamental needs of a candidate. If you can’t deliver them all, don’t make the mistake of saying you can to get a ‘quick fix’. It won’t work out well for you and you’ll be recruiting again before you know it!
The best approach is to raise your concerns and delve further into ascertaining their suitability. This provides both parties with an opportunity to make an informed decision that’s in the best interest of the company. It’s much better to have a candidate opt out before job offer stage. This way you avoid any financial outlay that’s always associated with a new hire.
The below characteristics will help gauge a candidate’s potential to adapt and evolve. By ticking these boxes on top of specific skills, you may have yourself an employee who will stick around!

10 Characteristics to Look for to Determine High Potential Candidates

1. Super proactive about their career.
2. A hunger for continuous learning.
3. Aware of personal strengths and weaknesses.
4. Their natural manner will develop and maintain relationships.
5. They love feedback, in fact, they will seek it out.
6. Extremely adaptable and display a positive attitude towards change
7. Speak highly of previous employers
8. Effective collaborators who thrive in team environments
9. Always seeking new growth opportunities
10. Assertive but humble
Selecting the right hire is no easy task but you need to start taking the future of each position into consideration. For your business to succeed in today’s market there is no standing still. The SHORTLISTER get’s you interview ready, join The Clan so I can continue to assist you with your interview techniques to ensure a successful hire!


Kerri Duff-Borthen; Founder at The SHORTLISTER 

Super smart, slick recruitment chick who’s all about slicing and dicing time for busy businesses seeking talent. Give her a mission; she’ll accept it and weave stealthy magic into every part of your experience, in her own quirky way.

There’s nothing boring and “recruitment consultant” about Kerri and her wicked sense of humour. She is The SHORTLISTER by day and Mum and wife to her tribe of H’s the rest of the time, OH, except when she’s seeking out karaoke adventures!

Cheat Sheet for Ninja Worthy Shortlisting!

Five Hundred & Sixty-One Thousand Six Hundred

The number of resumes I have Shortlisted over my 18-year career in recruitment. That’s an average of 600 a week. What do they say? “When you do something ten thousand times you can call yourself an expert?” That’s why I call myself a Ninja Master of Shortlisting.

15I’m yet to meet someone that’s excited by the Shortlisting process.

I don’t blame them; it can be exhausting and frustrating, but it’s one of the singular most important aspects of the recruitment process. It sets up the foundation of your recruit and impacts the outcome. It needs to be done thoroughly and each applicant resume should be assessed regardless of where they are on the resume list. The one you dismiss could be THE ONE! I have created a simple checklist that will provide you with the tools to methodically go through the Shortlisting process in order for you to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Getting Clear:

Before you start, it’s very important to define your criteria. You need to have total clarity on what you want your ideal candidate’s experience to look like. I advise clients to make two lists – essential criteria (must haves) and desirable criteria (would be brilliant to have). The lists can be easily generated from your job description and person specification. Those candidates that don’t meet all of the essential criteria can be quickly discarded.

To avoid the temptation of keeping anyone who ‘may almost’ be suitable, make a commitment to yourself and decide how many candidates you want to interview. Be ruthless, your future business success depends on it.

An experienced Recruiter will/should be able to tackle each resume as they come in, but my advice for clients managing their process internally would be to tackle the short-listing process in two stages. It’s the quickest way.

  1. Go through and exclude all the CVs that don’t meet your essential criteria; I guarantee it will deplete the daunting pile to a more manageable one.
  2. Benchmark each CV against your list of essential criteria, most find it easier to score each candidate which is a great idea as it minimises unconscious bias and provides you with an order of merit (ranking). You should also be checking for inconsistencies, overall presentation, spelling and grammar, and attention to detail. These are generally the things that you subconsciously take note of and make an assessment on.

Your final stage should provide you with a list of candidates that can perform the key duties of the role. Now it’s time to score them against your list of desirable criteria. I always place a focus on a candidate’s location or travel time to the company and how long they have spent in previous positions. These two factors provide me with a risk ranking for a candidate. For example, if a candidate lives an hour away and is relying on Public Transport, they are a much higher risk than another candidate with equal experience who lives nearby. If a candidate has excellent industry knowledge but has moved positions every 3-6 months, this could be an indication that they are not passing their probation period with companies or have been chasing money. Either way, it makes them an extremely risky hire.

Protect Your Brand and Reputation – Respond to All Applicants:

Never forget that a candidate is taking the time to apply for your position. It’s common courtesy to offer a response to their application, even if it’s an automated email. I have a system in place so I can ensure that everyone has been contacted through every step of my recruitment process. When applying, I ensure they receive notification that I have successfully received their application, this also provides the candidate with a timeline in which they will hear from me (mine is within 24 hours but you can extend it to suit your schedule). I also advise all unsuccessful applicants that they are not being considered for interview at this time and offer to provide specific feedback should they seek it.

Fact: It’s A Lot of Work!

Short-listing for most roles is always going to require a big investment of your time. In my experience, some clients prefer to recruit for lower level roles on their own but it’s these roles that eat into most of your valuable time due to being lower skilled and attracting high volumes of applications. In the current employment climate, it’s not uncommon to regularly deal with vacancies that are generating several hundred applications.

The SHORTLISTER is specifically designed to effectively manage the laborious front end of your recruitment process. Our ninjas ascertain your essential and desirable skills, expertly create a Job Ad to attract these specific skill sets, post the Ad on a magnitude of relevant job boards at the optimal times, benchmark all CVs for you and provide you with a personalised Dashboard that ranks your applicants from Most Suitable to Not Suitable. We even respond to your applicants on your behalf.

If you think your business hours could be better spent, feel free to connect with us and place your mission.

Kerri Duff-Borthen; Founder at The SHORTLISTER dsc_0013_edit

Super smart, slick recruitment chick who’s all about slicing and dicing time for busy businesses seeking talent. Give her a mission; she’ll accept it and weave stealthy magic into every part of your experience, in her own quirky way.

There’s nothing boring and “recruitment consultant” about Kerri and her wicked sense of humour. She is The SHORTLISTER by day and Mum and wife to her tribe of H’s the rest of the time, OH, except when she’s seeking out karaoke adventures!

5 Strategies to Attract Top Talent to Your Business


You Need to Lift Your Game!

Attracting the right talent is no easy task. Creating targeted Job Ads has become a necessity in the current climate. Today’s talent are qualified, educated and very active in the job market. Applying for work is super easy and the job market is throwing up heaps of choice.

Your Ad is not the only one a candidate has to read.

  • You need to shine
  • Ooze appeal
  • Win the battle against a candidate’s short attention span

Your content needs to WOW your reader and lure them beyond the Job Title. Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

Pitching a job in the current climate and loading it onto a job board involves strategy and time. You need to know where your ideal candidate hangs out, how they search for jobs and what they value the most.

My 5 Tips below are to help you create Targeted Job Ads. I have no doubt your inbox is being flooded with resumes every time you go live with your vacancy. A Targeted Job Ad will reduce the number of applications not matching the selection criteria.

Get Clear on Who They Are

You need to spend time building a candidate persona. This outlines who your target candidate is. Getting clear on what you want your future employee to look like is crucial to a successful hire. Don’t make the mistake of trying to clone your past employee, this never ends well, in fact, it ended with them leaving you!

You Can’t Handle the Truth

Once you’ve established a position description, it’s super important to be transparent with your content. The reality is not all jobs are challenging and thrilling, some are actually pretty dull. The duties could be repetitive, opportunities to grow can be limited and every day could very well be the same.

Don’t let your urge for creativity get away from you. Creating content that makes your job sound exciting, challenging and varied is the worst thing you can do. Sure, you’re going to get an inbox full of resumes but you won’t get a successful hire who will stick around long. I guarantee you’ll be loading the Ad again and again with no success.

STOP – You’re Attracting The Wrong Person!

If your vacancy is a tad dull, avoid using words like exciting, potential growth or fast-paced. Replace them with structured, stable and stress-free. See the difference? Be honest, it is what it is.

It’s Your Loss

A Job Title speaks volumes to a potential recruit. Candidates can base their decision to apply for a job title alone. If your aim is to attract experienced Office Managers to your position; don’t title your vacancy Admin All-Rounder because that’s been the title for the past 10 years!

You need to know what impression your title is having on potential incumbents. Does it tap into their ambitions or is it oozing reliability and long-term?

Every job title presents us with a preconceived job description. If I advertised for a Receptionist, Accountant or Courier, you get a pretty good idea of what I want. The title alone represents what’s expected of you. Your company may be the best company on the planet to work for but if the title isn’t accurate; your best candidate won’t be applying, EVER!

Money Talks

Don’t hide in the shadows; tell the candidate how much you’re going to pay them. You don’t want to run a recruit in-house only to have it break down in the final stages due to money negotiations. If you research the current salaries on offer it will give you the confidence to negotiate.

You can source salary information from Hays, Hudson, Seek, Live Salary or Glassdoor. They all provide industry data on salaries.

Don’t use your advertisement to test the market or ‘see who is out there’. Candidates don’t have time for this anymore and see right through your motives. It’s damaging to your brand. If you’re not paying enough, think about what your company can offer beyond salary. Get creative, secondary motivations will help you attract and keep your perfect candidate.

  • Reduced hours to enjoy more family time
  • A day to work from home
  • Further training and development
  • School hours could be an option


Know where your candidates are hiding despite your budget. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste by posting your Job Ad on the wrong platform, at the wrong time on a wrong day! I wasn’t lying when I said Job Ads take time and strategy.

There will be more than one platform worth posting to; in fact, I recommend it to avoid discrimination.


Skilled, job specific professionals are unlikely to be hanging out on Gumtree. Your lawnmower man is, though! It’s about knowing where they are. A large part of my recruitment success is due to my commitment to job data. It’s time-consuming but it gives me the edge.

Aim high with the next role you need to fill. Get clear on what your role and your business need. Do your research and understand what your potential employee desires. Challenge yourself to change the idea of what the role is to keep the best talent in your team. Attracting talent should be the easy part, keeping them is the hardest.

If you recognise the hurdle and hindrance of Ad Writing and Shortlisting, I invite you to join me in my new venture The SHORTLISTER It’s a Slick, Super Smart Recruitment Alternative for Busy People!

As a thank you, you will receive expert tips and a checklist on How to SHORTLIST like a Ninja!

About Me

Kerri Duff-Borthen; Founder at The SHORTLISTER.

Super smart, slick recruitment chick who’s all about slicing and dicing time for busy businesses seeking talent. Give her a mission; she’ll accept it and weave stealthy magic into every part of your experience, in her own quirky way. There’s nothing boring and “recruitment consultant” about Kerri and her wicked sense of humour. She is The SHORTLISTER by day and Mum and wife to her tribe of H’s the rest of the time, OH, except when she’s seeking out karaoke adventures!

I Finally Get To Be A Ninja!

blueeyesawesome-emojicheeky-emojievil-emojiYou may have read my previous blog article about the shame I feel as a recruiter (if not, you need to!) https://kerriduff.com/. It certainly ruffled a few feathers but the article was derived from honesty and experience so it’s very hard to be upset by some of the reactions it generated from fellow recruiters. What I was overwhelmed with though were the comments from business owners and clients (both current, past and some I have never dealt with) agreeing with my comments and standing behind the urge for change.

Well it’s here!

I’m so friggin excited by my new innovative business, not only because it meets all the desired outcomes clients have been screaming for, for years but also because it’s injected with me, my personality and my zest for providing great results! It’s super-smart, quirky, very effective and efficient and a service that I can’t see clients doing without. Everything about it makes sense.

My eldest son Harrison asked me a few years ago what I wanted to be when I grew up. Without hesitation I replied, “Why a Ninja of course”. Ninja’s work hard to master their art and despite being natural leaders, they are happy to remain in stealth mode. They quietly and skilfully get things done without drama, which is exactly what The SHORTLISTER will be.

Intrigued… check out all the reasons why!

Why Is The SHORTLISTER Something Every Small Business Owner Wants To Pay Attention To?

The SHORTLISTER is fuelled by super smart strategies, it’s the new innovative way to recruit staff that provides you with a simple, time-saving process at a fraction of the price of traditional, old fashioned and relatively out dated ways of hiring. With our expertise your success is accelerated and your expenses are slashed.

We write your job advertisement which means you receive expert knowledge relating to the development and creation of your Job Ad. We know the keywords to include to attract the top talent. We maintain and proactively source up to date statistics on multiple job boards; we know when to post Ads and where to post them for maximum exposure, all leading to great options for your role fulfilment.

We Shortlist all candidate resumes and rank them from most suitable to not suitable for you so you can save time in the laborious front end of the recruitment process whilst gaining peace of mind that every candidate resume has been assessed and ranked accordingly by professional, super experienced industry ninja’s, so for you it becomes easy to focus on the best people. You have access to all the resumes so if you need to revisit the shortlist, no problem, just log back in and everything is right there for you.

We create a personalised SHORTLISTER Dashboard to clearly display your job requirements and candidate’s skills, enabling you to quickly and efficiently contact the most-suitable applicants for your role. It’s simple, efficient and gives you all the information you need at a glance to make confident choices and take the action required to get the role filled quickly if that’s your goal. You get to control things in many ways which is something every business owner loves.

We offer 24/7 Access – The SHORTLISTER never rests, providing you with flexible access to your shortlist at a time that’s convenient to you and your busy schedule. No more waiting for recruiters to get back to you with the list of candidates or wondering what’s happening with your recruit. As soon as there’s something for us to share it’ll be visible to you.

I know you want to be a Ninja too… My Ninja Community is growing fast! I’m good at this aspect of the recruitment process; it’s what I know inside out. It feels good to say it’s something I’m an expert at and to be in a position to provide a service people have been asking me for, for years. If you recognise the hurdle and hindrance of Ad Writing and Shortlisting go to www.theshortlister.com.au because I would love to have you with me on my mission so I can keep you up to date about our official launch in December 2016.

As a thank you, you will receive expert tips and a checklist on How to SHORTLIST like a Ninja!

Are you Discriminating? Probably!

Social Media has become a key player in the job search process today.


The one constant since starting my recruitment career 18 years ago – nearly every company wants to build a great team. What has changed though is how companies are going about sourcing new staff. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are having considerable influence in changing how we approach recruitment but is it really effective? I’m not convinced, certainly when it comes to my experience within the SME Sector and other private ventures (non-corporate entities). The decision makers are usually the business owners, so they are already time poor and can’t dedicate time to networking and searching suitable talent, ultimately relying on active job hunters to come to them.

Posting a status on Facebook alerting people to your vacancy may be able to guarantee you some free exposure, especially if all your ‘friends’ of your business page do the right thing by sharing  to spread the word but what it doesn’t guarantee is who is seeing it. It’s simply not enough to post on social media and believe you will find the best person in the current market. It doesn’t even come close.

Social media sites have become more than just another channel for listing job vacancies. They provide you with a glimpse of who you are outside the confines of a resume, cover letter, or interview. This has resulted in companies and recruitment professionals utilising social media as a tool NOT to hire candidates. I would be extremely careful with this if social media is your only method to recruit staff as it puts you at risk of topics like discrimination and social exclusion.

To avoid this you should be advertising your vacancy on at least two different platforms – for example social media and a dedicated job board such as Seek. This ensures you are attracting candidates from different backgrounds and outside your social groups.

Advertising via multiple avenues will no doubt have an impact on your applicant numbers, especially if your vacancy is considered low-skilled and attracts the masses but it’s better to be inundated with resumes than have a reputation in the market as an employer who only recruits a specific ‘kind’ of person.

My Advice: I would invest some time into researching recruitment alternatives that are more cost-effective to your business. Think about the recruitment tasks that you either dislike, are not confident with or simply don’t have the time for. If you can outsource these tasks, then they not only add value to your recruitment process and business but you won’t begrudge paying for them!

I would welcome you to share some of your dreaded tasks with me. I have so many tips and pointers around every aspect of the recruitment process that I would love to provide you with in order to make your search for talent a much more enjoyable one. Look forward to connecting with you soon!  kerri@duffrecruitment.com.au

Why I’m Ashamed to Call Myself a Recruiter

enough is enough

“Nearly 2 decades in this industry and to put it bluntly, it’s gone to shit!”

If you find yourself in an industry long enough, there is no doubt you will experience change, feel the need to evolve and the desire to be better. Unfortunately in my industry, I feel those associated with change have resulted in a negative impact on the reputation of recruiters – even the good ones!

I would describe myself as a recruiter with good old-fashioned values and I am finding the current climate soul destroying. More and more often I am finding myself on the back foot with new clients; they come into our partnership with preconceived ideas of my personal values and ethics (or lack thereof from their perspective) and continue to challenge them throughout the recruitment process and after listening to their experiences and stories, I honestly can’t blame them.  Sure, I’m of the era where you work hard, work honestly and aim to prove clients wrong by doing the very best you can as the expert you are.  Set goals around changing their perspective and ensure the process ends successfully with the right candidate.

But when do you take action and say enough is enough? Is this too big a fight for me to win?

In my opinion, the Recruitment Industry is heading for a shake down and it couldn’t happen quickly enough. 15 years ago, the industry was thriving, there was lots of money to be made and naturally the greed set in. The role of the traditional recruiter changed, and sadly it evolved from the empathic and passionate professional who genuinely wanted to match the right candidates to the right role all for a salary, to a salesy, commission driven, quick fix, and bum on seat approach. The ‘grab the cash’ and run approach has taken its toll and clients (and candidates) are sick of it. We have taken the humanity out of Human Resources and we have been found out.

I have always been astounded by some of the costs business owners are outlaying for the placement of staff but this aside, it’s our unethical practices (well the industries, not mine, just to be clear) that are unbelievable.

In an occupation that is usually not valued enough in an organisation already, why would we put ourselves in the firing line by adopting practices that are looked at with disgust. Here are just a few examples of what I have heard and experienced personally, all too often:

  • The Importance of being first: Recruiters are placing candidates for enormous fees and they haven’t even met with them! How is this possible, how can you evaluate someone’s suitability for a role and an organisations culture if you haven’t bothered to meet in person and sometimes even talked to the candidate (yes, SMS does not count as a conversation!).
  • Stealing: Recruiters waiting for guarantee periods to tick over and then making contact with their successfully placed candidates to see if they are interested in another role they are working on – this is STEALING and the worst kind, its stealing from the hand that feeds you (your client). To make a bad situation even worse, the original client may be unaware of this practice and begrudgingly come back to you for a new job placement where another high fee if expected. And so the ugly cycle continues.
  • Pretending: Advertising roles without a client’s consent and pretending to represent the company. Not only is this misleading but it shows no regard for the time that candidates put into the job hunting process. I’m also curious as to how anyone can sit across from someone and look them in eye and explain a role that they have no authority representing.

I’m sad to admit that some of the myths and rumours around our ethics in this industry are true and far from a myth. Honestly, I think I have been in denial for a long time but when the negative stories and slander become a daily occurrence, you need to open your eyes and be brutally honest about the Industry you fell in love with.

As a business owner, someone who employs staff and an insider to the industry, there are a few questions I would be asking if you are looking to outsource to a recruitment company in the future. I’ll be sure to share all of these with you next week because they are really valuable.   For now though, if you’re looking for some genuine help to expand your team with the best people for you then let me know.  I’d love to help!  Send an email to kerri@duffrecruitment.com.au and I’ll be in touch right away.